Atuzzi Creative was formed in 1999 by graphic designer and artist Andrea McKoy. Atuzzi Creative has expanded since to include much more than graphic design services.

Atuzzi is a client focused creative group with solid design and development experience in html, php, ASP.NET, WordPress, Sharepoint and more having developed internet applications from the simplest of websites to more complex private banking & intranet applications.

Each project in turn includes its own feature set based on business goals set by the client. These can include integration of specific software such as Marketing Automation using Act-On and Infusionsoft to name a few. APIs have been used to add data and additional functionality from specific sources as does jQuery and Javascript, etc.

Content management is a wonderful thing and something many clients love to have control over. WordPress and even custom applications can make managing your data and content a breeze to do yourself giving you the freedom to make edits on the fly. If you are too busy to keep your site up-to-date then we can help you with one of our management plans.

Additional projects include artistic endeavors including; murals, portraits, and even toy design with the recent launch of NoodlePetz pool toys.