Paint life broader than the largest brush imaginable

onTheRun_325_96dpi-smA topic with innumerable interpretations! For myself it embodies all that I am. Art was the foundation for my graphic design career and the hands-on creativity is the balance to my time spent on the computer. Yet, art isn’t just painting and drawing——for me it is in all that I do; cooking (molecular gastronomy), landscaping (topiaries, espaliers, sculpting, building oversized planters) and interior decoration (I was a past Visual Display Manager for Burdines department store). If you are interested in any of these art oddities you can see them on my blog page, Creative Conundrum.

If you are interested in traditional art then this is the page for you. Two galleries are listed below and more are to come. If you have a vision I can help you with please feel free to contact me to discuss it. I am here to assist in creating your vision!